Final Sales Policy

Final Sales, Non-Refundable and Non-Returnable Items

Printers and Equipment

No refunds, No returns, or Exchanges on any Regular Printers, DTF Printers, DTG Printers, UV Printers, DIY Printers that are converted / custom / modified / built-to-order (no matter the conditions of the printers or machines, this includes New, Pre-owned, Refurbished, Non-working or For Parts). Also include Dryers or Ovens, Heat Presses, Laser Printers, Vinyl Cutters, Garment Printers, Printheads, Dampers, Ciss systems, and Ink Tanks. All Sales are final.

 IMPORTANT: Printers that are DIY / converted to / custom / modified / built-to-order do not have a warranty, are non-refundable and non-returnable. All Sales are final.

Printheads and Other Parts

No refunds, No returns, or Exchanges on any Printheads (that included New Condition, Unused, Unopened, or that have touched the ink). Also, Dampers, Cartridges, Ciss System, Ink Tank, and Capping Station (Ink Station) are excluded and can not be refunded, returned, or covered. All Sales are final.

Software and Downloads

No refunds, No returns, or Exchanges on software (that included activation codes or USB key dongle), downloadable products, gift cards, guides, or video tutorials. All Sales are final.

Limited Warranty Terms for Professional Printers


The limited warranty on 1, 2, 3 and 4 head printers is for 6 months from the date of purchase. The manufacturer can be issued a replacement on some parts that will be covered in the limited warranty. Manufacturer technicians can assist by chat or video chat to help replace a part and troubleshoot during the 6 months. Once the limited warranty ends, the customer is responsible for any troubleshooting or parts costs. Customers may self-install warranty parts or use their own technicians, but DTF SUPPLIES AUSTRALIA is not responsible for damages caused during self-repair.


1. The limited warranty will cover parts like the mainboard, power board, and power card are covered. A replacement part will be issued only 1 time during the 6 months. Once a replacement part has been issued before or during the 3 months, the limited warranty is considered completed.

All defective parts replaced under the limited warranty must be shipped back to DTF SUPPLIES WAREHOUSE in Gregory Hills NSW at the customer expense within 15 business days.


2. The limited warranty will not cover components that come in contact with the inks, this includes the ink system, print heads, capping station (ink station), dampers, ink pump, ink tank, ink mixer, ink lines and power pump are not covered. Also, consumable parts like CR motor, encoder strip, belt, decoder, sensors, wiper, print head cables, or fans are not covered.

IMPORTANT By not using the DTF Supplies brand inks and films will void any warranty for the printers or equipment.

Additional Limited Warranty Terms

5. The Limited Warranty and Support are valid for the original purchaser only and are non-transferable.

6. The limited warranty will not cover physical, cosmetics, or shipping damage by the carrier. In that case, is the customer’s responsibility to open a direct claim with the carrier company to report any damages.

7. The limited warranty will not cover damage caused by disasters, such as fire, flood, lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, or interaction with non-Kingdom DTF brand or products.

8. The limited warranty will not cover damage caused by improper installation, failure to follow the proper instructions, performing preventive maintenance, improper or abnormal use, misuse, neglect, or accident including but not limited to improper storage or transporting the product without the proper preparation and packaging, unauthorized adjustments, modifications or addition of accessories, normal wear and tear or external causes such as accidents or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.

9. The limited warranty is VOID if the product has been altered or modified in any way, including but not limited to attempted repairs without prior authorization from Kingdom DTF or the use of unauthorized parts.

10. The Defective on Arrival (DOA) period is 10 days starting the date customer receives the shipment. If the product you purchased arrives with missing parts or non-working parts that are not covered by the limited warranty, we will cover the replacement part and shipping cost to send the part/s you need. After 10 days, the customer is responsible for any part and shipping costs.

11. Printers that have been converted (including diy printers) to DTF and are not DTF Printers from the manufacturer or maker are not covered by the limited warranty or any warranty unless specified.

Customer Responsibilities and Maintenance

Your printer or machine is your partner and is important to use the correct volt, and accessories and do maintenance to keep running smooth. Most of the printers or machines are imported and the default volt is 220V (unless specified as 110V by the seller or manufacturer on the sticker). Before connecting the printer or machine, is important to check these things.


12. Verify the printer or machine you purchased is 220V or 110V. Generally, there is a sticker where the power cord connects that said what volt is required. If don’t have that type of sticker, please ask your seller or manufacturer what volt is the printer or machine. If the printer or machine is the default 220V, you can give power to your printer or machine in two ways in the USA.

– 12a.  By a 220V connection

This outlet generally is the one that gives power to an electric stove or dryer. Also, can be a regular outlet that has been prepared with 220V, which you can use.

– 12b.  By a converter

You need a Converter Step Up from 110V to 220V. This will give the proper power to the printer or machine, you just connect the printer on the front of the converter to 220V and set the back of the converter to 110V that will be connected to your wall outlet (power coming out from the wall outlet).

— Desktop printers usually need a converter of  300 Watts

— Dual Head printers 12” inches and 17” inches usually need a converter of  1000 Watts

— Powder Shaker 12” inches (A3 size ) usually need a converter of  2000 Watts

— Powder Shaker 17” inches (A2 size ) usually need a converter of  3000 Watts

— Bigger and 2 or 4 Heads 24” inches printers and shakers is better to prepare a place to have a connection just for them since required too much power and watts. We do not recommend using a converter with bigger printers or machines.

If the printer or machine is 110V, you can use it as is since USA default volt is 110V. Keep in mind that Bigger and 2 or 4 heads 24” inches printers and shakers are better to prepare a place to have a connection just for them. WARNING
If a connection or converter is not used for a 220V printer or machine, THE PRINTER OR MACHINE CAN GET DAMAGED. 


Is your responsibility to learn and do the proper maintenance on your printer by understanding that inks are water-based textile inks and will clog the Printheads if the machine is left unused for more than a couple of days. Providing a clean and climate-friendly workspace to print in and keeping your printer clean all the time helps to run smoothly. Maintenance is the key and should be given as part of a routine. These are some things you can do.

13. Do nozzle checks every day before starting to print any job. This way you can tell if the printhead is ready to print or is missing nozzles and needs to be clean.

14. Clean the printhead and wiper every day after you finish printing for the day. This is done to prevent the printhead to get clogged. A cleaning solution is recommended for use when necessary.

15. Wet capping station every day after you finish printing for the day. This helps the printhead underneath to stay wet and to prevent the printhead to get clogged. A cleaning solution or capping station solution is recommended for use.

16. If the printer is not used frequently, please use a syringe and rotate the ink on the lines and dampers. This helps prevent clogging of the lines and draws air out of the lines.

17. You may be required to do troubleshooting and repairs with technicians’ help and direction.