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Please note: To avoid any delays please make sure your artwork save as PNG files Transparent background @300 DPI

Printable Area:  58cm x 100cm


  • Set up your heat press at 145 deg – 150 deg and  (Medium to High Press)
  • Warm Peel
  • Press it again for 5 seconds after peel

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Instruction : Please watch above video for Temperature and Time.

DTF, or Direct-to-Film Heat Transfer Printing, is a relatively new and innovative method for transferring designs and graphics onto various textiles, including t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items. It’s closely related to other heat transfer methods like Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and traditional screen printing but offers some unique advantages.

Here’s how DTF heat transfer printing typically works:

  1. Design Creation: You start by creating or digitizing the design you want to print on your garment using graphic design software. The design is then printed onto a special DTF film.
  2. Preparation: The DTF film is prepared for transfer by applying an adhesive layer to it. This adhesive helps the design adhere to the fabric during the heat transfer process.
  3. Printing: The DTF film with the adhesive layer is loaded into a DTF printer. These printers are specially designed for this process. The printer uses a combination of heat and pressure to fuse the ink from the film onto the fabric.
  4. Heat Transfer: After printing, the DTF film is laid on top of the textile, adhesive side down. A heat press machine is then used to apply heat and pressure to the film, causing the design to bond with the fabric.
  5. Peeling: Once the heat transfer process is complete, the DTF film is carefully peeled away, leaving the design on the textile.

DTF heat transfer printing has several advantages:

  • Versatility: It can be used on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.
  • Detailed and Vibrant Prints: DTF can produce highly detailed and vibrant prints, making it suitable for complex designs and photographs.
  • Short Runs and Customization: DTF is ideal for small to medium print runs and customized designs.
  • No Color Limitations: Unlike traditional screen printing, DTF doesn’t have color limitations, and you can print full-color, photorealistic designs.
  • Soft Feel: DTF prints are known for their soft feel, which is more comfortable to wear than some other printing methods.
  • Quick Turnaround: DTF printing allows for relatively quick production, making it suitable for on-demand printing and quick delivery.

DTF printing is the Future of T-Shirt Printing the quality and durability of prints is very good comparing with all the Traditional Printing method such as Screen Printing and DTG Printing. The adhesive DTF poweder gave a good layer and how well it bonds to the fabric can affect the longevity of the print.

As with any printing method, it’s essential to choose a reputable printing service or invest in quality DTF equipment if you plan to use this technique for your business or personal projects please check out our DTF Printer Package

Additional information

Additional information

Print Area

29 cm x 42, 58cm x 100cm

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