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Audley / MyColor DTF Printer Dual I3200 Printhead | 60cm Width

60cm, 2 head DTF Printer System Spec’s

  • Dual Epson i3200 print heads. (1 x CMYK & 1 x White)
  • 60 cm print width (Actual print width limited by film)
  • Automatic white ink circulation and filtration system
  • Heated vacuum bed to hold film down during printing
  • Heated printer beds
  • Top heat for accelerated ink drying
  • Heat plate at entry to adhesive powder applicator
  • Automatic application of adhesive powder
  • Beater  bar – removes powder from unprinted areas of film
  • Top heat finishing to cure ink and melt adhesive powder
  • Auto rewind of printed film
  • Vacuum air filtration system


1 Litre of CYMYK + 2 WHITE INKS Includes: –

Full Training provided –

Maintop / Cadlink or Flexi Print Rip Software to choose
2x 60cm width Roll x 100 Meters –

2KG DTF powder –

6 months training and Support –

Automatic DTF powder Shaker/melting 60cm Shaker




This is 60cm DTF printer with 2 I3200


DTF can be used for almost all fabrics(cotton,polyester,Nylon and Jeans)

Machine warranty is one year. don’t include print head and ink system.


Our 60cm dtf 2 head dtf printer have dancer bar which can solve white and color alignment issue which is common problem of DTF printer, you can contact me for more details.Thanks
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