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DTF Gangsheet Builder

Please note: To avoid any delays please make sure your artwork save as PNG files Transparent background @300 DPI

Printable Area:  58cm x 100cm


  • Set up your heat press at 145 deg – 150 deg and  (Medium to High Press)
  • Warm Peel
  • Press it again for 5 seconds after peel

*** Please Take note all DTF Files / Artwork that been uploaded will be deleted within 30 days


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Direct to Film (DTF) Printing Gangsheet Designer.” However, if you’re looking for tools related to designing or creating gang sheets for DTF printing, you might want to consider graphic design software that allows you to arrange multiple images or designs on a single sheet.

Here are general steps you can take:

  1. Graphic Design Software: Use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDRAW. These tools allow you to create and arrange designs on a canvas.
  2. Canvas Setup: Set up your canvas size based on the specifications of the film or substrate you’ll be using for DTF printing.
  3. Import Designs: Import your individual designs into the software. You can arrange them on the canvas in a layout that optimizes the use of the printing substrate.
  4. Arrangement and Spacing: Arrange the designs with appropriate spacing, considering the printing requirements and the capabilities of the DTF printer.
  5. Export or Save: Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, export or save the file in a format compatible with your DTF printer.

It’s important to note that specific tools or software may have been developed or become popular after my last update, so I recommend checking with DTF printing communities, forums, or industry-specific websites for the latest information. Additionally, some printers may come with their own proprietary software for designing and printing gang sheets, so be sure to check the documentation provided with your printing equipment.

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